Service 滅蟲服務

Pest (害蟲) Feature (特性) Pest (害蟲) Feature (特性)

Cockroaches (蟑螂)
It is likely that cockroaches are responsible for much transmission of human deceases such as Salmonella food poisoning.

Termites (白蟻)
Due to their wood-eating habits, termites can do great damage to buildings, wooden structures, paper, cloth, carpets; etc.

Booklice (書蟲)
Booklice are nuisance pests that feed on microscopic molds that grow on materials such as paper, leather, starch and carpet.

Fleas (跳蚤)
The bubonic plague (the "Black Death" that occurred during middle ages) is caused by a bacteria called Yersinia Petis carried by rat fleas. 在中世紀時期爆發的淋巴腺鼠疫(又被稱為黑死病)是由依附在老鼠上之跳蚤傳播。

Mosquitoes (蚊子)
Mosquitoes pose a significant threat to the health and comfort of humans and livestocks. They transmit malaria, dengue fever; etc.

Bed Bugs (床蚤)
Bed bugs suck human and cause irritation to sleepers. They can live off without a blood meal for as long as one year.

Other Pest Control (其他蟲害防治)

House Flies, Fruit Fries, Biting Midgets, Moths, Silver Fish, Earwigs, Mites, Ants, Red Fire Ants, Stored Goods Pests, Rodent, Wasps, Bees, Wood-Boring Beetles, Ticks; etc.

  • Termite Control (白蟻防治)
  • Mosquitoe Control (蚊子防治)
  • Residual Spraying (滯留性噴灑處理)

Scope of Service (服務範圍)

Household, Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Banks, Elderly Homes, etc.
家居, 倉庫, 廠房, 學校, 餐廳, 酒店, 銀行, 辦公室, 安老院等等

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